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Spirent TestCenter: How to change the port group size on a module?

  • Windows GUI
  • CM-1G-D12 changes the whole module.




  • On the GUI go to Tools-> Equipment Information-> Port Group tab
  • Highlight any of the ports, right click and select Resize Port group.
    • From the drop down box select the required port group size
  • Click ok and the port group size will get changed after the automatic  reboot of the card or port group.
    • Note for the CM-1G-D12 this changes the port group size for the entire module even though only a single port group was selected.
  • In older release the Resize Port group was under the Modules tab.
    •  Newer modules have capability to not change the entire module thus this feature was moved to the Port Group tab.
  • We have to keep equipment view the same layout for all cards regardless of the limitation of the card.

Note: CM card doesn't allow port group resize with version 4.47 ( Bug with version). Issue fixed in 4.50



Product : CM,Spirent TestCenter,Windows GUI,Spirent TestCenter