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How do I configure a new set of RAID disks for my SDS server?


This only applies to customers who are eligible to have SDS capability and have purchased the appropriate system enhancements from Spirent.

Due to the restricted nature of SDS the link to DCS0031A (the document which describes the configuration procedure) is intentionally not provided. Please therefore contact Spirent Applications Support for a copy of this document, stating your simulator model and serial number in order that we can verify your ability to receive this document.

1. SDS dataservers are provided with a spare set of RAID disks at the time of delivery. It should only be necessary to configure a new set of disks if, for whatever reason, one of the original two sets has become damaged or lost.
2. Customers requiring a new set of RAID disks can contact their local Spirent sales channel to discuss purchase of a new set through Spirent.

Product : SDS