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When I run Range of Open Loop Output Power test in Testdrive EVDO, using the same channels, the first test would pass, but the subsequent tests would go undetermined. Why is that?


When peforming this test, the mobile never gains access to the network.  Therefore, the mobile may black list the channel that it is being tested on.  This means that for the first test, it will use the channel, but for subsequent tests, the mobile will not look at the channel any more because it is black listed.  And the result will be undetermined.  The following are steps that can be used to mitigate the numbers of undetermines:

 -  Make sure that the mobile is in EVDO only mode. 
 -  Run different channels instead of the same channels consecatively.
 -  Run a different test in between to allow the mobile full access to the network.  (The mobile will unblack list the channel).
 -  If the mobile has a way to disable the black listing capability, turn the feature off.

Product : Testdrive EVDO