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How to install a firmware update image on the cPacket cVu 320g and cVu 120g.


After obtaining the firmware image:

  1. Login to the cVu HTTP GUI with any admin user, and go to URL: https://<device_ip>/update.
      where <device_ip> is the IP address of your cVu unit.
  2. Click Choose File or Browse and select the image file that you are updating to.
  3. Click Update. This will upload and check the file.
  4. After the file is uploaded and verified, click Yes to confirm the update. 
    Important: If you do not click Yes, the device update will be aborted.
  5. Wait for about 15 minutes, for the image to be installed and the unit to reboot.
  6. Verify that the version has been updated by going to https://<device_ip>/version and confirm the Firmware Version number.

Product : TDM & Analog Test