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How do I stop a Landslide test session, if clicking on the stop button does not stop the test?




    1. For most launched test sessions clicking on the Stop button should be enough to stop the test.
    2. For the following situations:
                                                               i.      If you use automation control and a predecessor condition is not met
                                                             ii.      Or if the test could not reach the running state
                                                            iii.      Or if the test reported some session errors, you may need to use the Abort button once to stop the test, especially for large scale tests.
    1. After pressing the abort button once, it is recommended to wait and allow the Test Server to fully stop before attempting anything else.
    2. Note that using the Abort button twice will recycle the Test Server to re-initialize the application used.

Product : Landslide Client,Landslide