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How to retrieve the actual frame definition including all encapsulation using a script?


array set ret [stc::perform StreamBlockGetInfo -StreamBlock streamblock1]
set totalStreamCount $ret(-TotalStreamCount)

stc::perform GetPreviewData -StreamBlock streamblock1 -RowCount $totalStreamCount

set hStreamPreviewData [stc::get streamblock1 -children-PreviewData] 
puts "\n $hStreamPreviewData [stc::get $hStreamPreviewData]"

set lstStreamPreviewColumn [stc::get $hStreamPreviewData -ColumnHeaders]
set lstStreamPreviewData [stc::get $hStreamPreviewData -Data]
puts "\n lstStreamPreviewData $lstStreamPreviewData "

set index 1
foreach header $lstStreamPreviewColumn {
      puts "\n Column $index. $header"
      incr index

set index 1
foreach data $lstStreamPreviewData {
      puts "\n $index. [split $data ";"]"
      incr index

Product : Spirent TestCenter,API