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my spt-11u or spt-9000 9u chassis will not boot, is there anything that I can try to make it boot?


Try the following:

  • make sure that the power cords are plugged into clean dedicated power and that these same circuits are not loaded with other equipment that may be causing a drop in voltage or amperage
  • make sure that the AC power cords being used are the 14 gauge thick cables that came with the TestCenter chassis
  • make sure that all of the power supplies are functional, lower the front panel and look closely at the front of the power supplies, you should see two green leds on each supply
  • note that the spt-9000 9u has these leds in the rear of the chassis and the AC OK and DC OK should be green and ALM should not be lit
  • If these leds are not lit properly please check the circuits that these are plugged into
  • If the leds on the supplies are ok, then power down the chassis
  • remove the AC cords from the power supplies
  • wait about 1 full minute until all residual power has discharged
  • reinsert the AC power cords
  • power the chassis back up
The issue could be also related to a be a controller issue
  • Try swapping out the controller in question with a controller that is currently working and see how it goes.
  • If chassis comes up with another controller then go ahead and RMA the defective Controller.

If the chassis is still not booting up you should open a trouble ticket (SR) with Customer Service.

Product : Chassis