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Why Rev.B terminal have lower power limit for the max output power?

For EVDO Rev.A terminal, for e.g, if we are going to test Class 3 ternimal for BC0, the standard should be 23dBm for lower limit and 30dBm for upper limit, but for EVDO Rev.B terminal, the standard are considering to add a back-off power level (3.3dB), and thus the requirement is changed to 19.7dBm for lower limit and 26.7dBm for the upper limit, why it is different for Rev.A and Rev.B terminal for the same power class phone, as EVDO Rev.B is a multicarrier served terminal, terminal have the chance to communicate multiple carriers simultaneously, so in order to ease the RF front-end design of EVDO Rev.B terminal, the standard make the requirement changed to facilitate the RF design of Rev.B terminal.

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