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Spirent TestCenter: Received an error "Connection to Server failed, client application must close"While opening Spirent TestCenter application

  • STC GUI / UI
  • STC Application
  • Any Windows Version,as:
    • Windows Pro SP1
    • Window XP SP3
    • Windows 7 SP1
    • Windows 7 Enterprise 
    • Windows 10

Sometimes, when you try to open any version of STC application, you can encounter the "Connection to Server failed, client application must close":

May be this happening because of repetitive install and uninstall of STC.

You can try following steps:

  1. Uninstall STC
  2. Delete  "C:\ProgramData\Spirent\TestCenter X.XX"  this will be version specific.
  3. You could try out cleaning of "C:\Users*<<username>>*\Documents\Spirent\TestCenter X.XX"
  4. Reboot the PC.
  5. Re Install STC X.X via Installer.
    • Usually at end of installer a command window will pop up to set up  "C:\ProgramData\Spirent\TestCenter X.XX". It sets up the folder and exit by itself. Please do not kill it if it says for longer.

enlightenedNOTE:  It’s probably that after you do all the steps and starting UI for the “first time” again, it could take some time to open, on my environment took up to 5 minutes the first time, however, after that, next times open time is normal -  1 minute or less.

If steps above didn't work, you can try the following as well:

  1. Run the Spirent TestCenter executable with "loopback false".  Change the properties of the exe and after TestCenter.exe put “-loopbackSession false”. In order to do this, create a shortcut to TestCenter.exe and append “-loopbackSession false” to the end of the target section in the properties.
  1. Modify the stcbll.ini under [system] category, set enableStak=false (default is true)

Product : Windows GUI