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I am using PosApp with a No Hardware licence but cannot convert my SimGEN scenario to a SimREPLAY / SimPLEX scenario


A no hardware licence allows 'off-line' scenario development work to take place without the need to connect to the simulator. However, the scenarios that can be created are those relevant to the mode of PosApp which your licence specifies. In other words, if you are a SimGEN user then you can create and modify SimGEN (.scn) scenarios; if you are a SimREPLAYplus user then you can create and modify SimREPLAY (.scn_replay) scenarios.

In addition, SimGEN users are permitted to convert a SimGEN scenario to a SimREPLAY or SimPLEX format scenario (.scn_replay or .sim respectively). To do this does require that you have your simulator hardware connected to the PC before starting the PosApp software. Otherwise, if you are not in the right mode or do not have the hardware attached you will see the following warning:-


For further information on converting SimGEN scenarios to SimREPLAY / SimPLEX format, please refer to the SimGEN user manual, DGP00686AAA

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,SimGEN,PosApp