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Spirent TestCenter: Are there any intermediate releases of Spirent Testcenter I need to go through when upgrading from an older version?


Locate where the Spirent TestCenter version is currently at in the "timeline" below and then continue upgrading until you reach your target version.

  •  Please use the higher version GUI to perform any upgrading or downgrading

Controller 2


                       then you              then you                       then you 
     less than 2.32 ---- MUST ----> *2.32 ---- MUST ----> 3.30 thru 3.76 ---- can ----> 3.80 or higher
                       upgrade              upgrade to                     upgrade to
                     to version             any version                    any version

* It is very important that when upgrading, especially to 2.32, that you must allow all of the test modules to boot up completely before upgrading any further.


  • Downgrade testing by Support from 4.66 directly down to 4.44 (and 4.36 in a separate test) was successful.
  • If you need to downgrade to lower than 4.36 and would like to have that tested before trying, please contact Support at

Controller 3


                                                                yocto 1.0 <--|--> yocto 1.5                     
  4.30 thru 4.49 ----then must upgrade to any version ---> 4.50 thru 4.56 ------> 4.57 or higher ...            
   |                                                                              |                 |            
   |                                                                              |                 |            
SPT-N11U                                                                          +- must use same -+            
Controller 3                                                                         version of GUI/Application       
released                                                                             as the FW being upgraded to.
(SPT-N4U was released in 4.33)                                                       Please see the attached Product Alert below



For detail upgrade step, please refer FAQ10324.


Attachment Description
Product Alert: Spirent TestCenter Software Release 4.57 and Above

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Chassis