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Does IMA support Unframed E1/T1? What is G.704 Basic and Multiframe?


1.       The AX IMA does not support Unframed E1/T1.

2.       G.704 Basic and Multiframe is described in the ITU G.704 specs. See Table 5A for basic and 5B for multiframe.

G.704 Basic is:
1) PCM 32 (unframed)
2) PCM 31 (no multiframing) - AX/4000 uses this one.
3) PCM 31C (CRC Multiframing, no TS-16 Multiframing)

Multiframe is:
1) PCM 30 (TS-16 Multiframing, no CRC Multiframing)
2) PCM 30 (TS-16 Multiframing and CRC Multiframing) - AX/4000 uses this one.

Product : AX/4000,Interfaces