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8100 Radio Access: How do I upgrade the firmware on a SR3420?


First verify that your 3420 has two SRPMs (this is usually the case). An SRPM is a board that has at least two RJ-45 ports that are marked 'Ethernet 2' and 'Ethernet 3'.

Please consult the rack setup guide that can be found in Test Manager under Help->Platforms-> 8100-Axxx -> Rack Setup Guide.pdf


  • Start AirAccess through Windows Start-> All Programs-> Spirent Communications-> AirAccess-HS-> AirAccess.exe
  • In the AirAccess GUI's title bar click on File-> Recall Test configuration and select the 'default_dualRAT.tcf' file that can be found at C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\AirAccess WCDMA-HS\Test Configuration Files
  • Connect to the SR3420 by clicking on the connect icon
  • You will be automatically asked if you want to upgrade the firmware. Click on 'OK'
  • Be sure not to reboot or shutdown neither controller PC nor SR3420 during that process
  • Close AirAccess once the upgrade process is complete


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