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Why sometimes I see +0.x dB insertion loss from the Spectrum Analyzer


When you are doing Taskit/C2K or TestDrive-EVDO calibration, sometimes you will see in the first step, your cable will have 0.x dB ampliifer after a very short cable, for example, if C7 cable.

From design, our RF cable should have very small insertion loss but definately it is a loss, not amplifier signal, so if from your calculation, the insertion loss is +0.x, It should be something wrong from measurement instrument and signal generator.

If you can observe the error message on Spectrum Analyzer as below:

"System, Alignments, Align Now, All Required"?

You SA should be re-calibrated or do the hardware checking by agilent, but before that, you can still do some checking suggested by Agilent. the reason is as below:

 Internal cal structure data is corrupt and flagged by internal firmware. Action: Press System, Alignments, Align Now, All.

  1. Internal Cal structure is corrupt and even after performing the internal alignment process, the message, "System, Alignment, Align Now, All Required" is still there. Action: Load the default cal structure data by pressing System, Alignments, Load Defaults (2X's). Now, force the alignment by pressing System, Alignments, Align Now, All.

If the System, Alignments, Align Now, All Required message is still on the analyzer display, defective hardware is the most probable cause and servicing the instrument is required.


Product : TestDrive EV-DO,TASKIT C2K,TestDrive EV-DO,TASKIT C2K