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Landslide: How do I configure DCCA Server Node to reject the CCR with Result Code 4012?

  • DCCA Server Node is able to reject the CCR with Result Code 4012 (DIAMETER_CREDIT_LIMIT_REACHED).
  • This can be done at either the Message Level or from the MSCC: 
  1. From the Message Level
    • On DCCA tab
      • Check “Force Message-Level Result Code”
      • Select desired result code (i.e. 4012 CreditLimitReached) from the “Predefined Result Codes” list.
  2. From the MSCC
    • On the DCCA tab
      • In the MSCCs pane, configure the Number of MSCCs
      • In the MSCC 1-n tabs, check Force Result Code
      • select the desired result code (i.e. 4012) from the radio button “Predefined Result Codes” list.
  • When the credit is exhausted the result code will be sent.

Product : AAA,Landslide,Landslide Client,Landslide