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How to activate the Spirent TestCenter package from stc to l4l7 and vice versa using Tcl API?


In order to activate the package you may need to know
1. Spirent l2l3 (stc) release version if you are activating the stc package
2. Spirent l4l7 release version if you are activating the l4l7 package from stc
3. Get the port group handle

Command to use
stc::perform InstallTestPackage -PortGroupList <portList>  -TestPackage <stc|l4l7> -Version "3.xx.xxxx"

Please see the sample below also attached tcl script

package require SpirentTestCenter

set chassisIpAddr

# Connect to the chassis
stc::connect $chassisIpAddr

# Get the physical chassis manager handle
set mgr [stc::get system1 -children-physicalchassismanager]

# Get the handle to the physical chassis
set chassisHandle [stc::get $mgr -children-physicalchassis]

# Get the handle to the physical test modules
set moduleHandles [stc::get $chassisHandle -children-physicaltestmodule]

#get the port handles from the module located on slot 11
set portHandles [stc::get physicaltestmodule11 -children-physicalportgroup]

# Build module list
set portList {}

foreach handle $portHandles {
    puts "Adding port group $handle to the port group ist"
   lappend portList $handle

#Change the pacakge from stc to l4l7
stc::perform InstallTestPackage -PortGroupList "$portList" -TestPackage "l4l7" -Version "3.80.1626"

#Change the pacakge from l4l7 to stc
#stc::perform InstallTestPackage -PortGroupList "$portList" -TestPackage "stc" -Version "3.80.6646"


Product : Automation,Spirent TestCenter