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Landslide: How do I install new NIC cards on Landslide Test Servers?

  1. Please refer to the Landslide install appendix attached for the reference on NIC card installation per type and quantity.
  2. Once you have installed the NIC cards using the install appendix, start up the test server and use the Landslide GUI Admin>Test Server window to verify that the NIC cards came up. 
  3. Note that NIC cards without any cables connected will list all the available ports but display them as down.
  4. If no ports are displayed in the Test Server Admin window, use the upgrade button to perform a software upgrade on the Test Server.
  5. Once the upgrade is completed and the Test Server comes up, telnet to it and login with username = password = cfguser.
  6. At the prompt, perform the ipcfg command:
    Designate management port (eth0-eth9) [eth0]:
    <eth0> IP Address []:
    <eth0> Network Mask []:
    <eth0> Auto Negotiate? (yes/no) [yes]:
    <eth0> IP Gateway []:
    <eth0> Host Name []:
    TAS IP Address []:
    NTP Server IP []:
  7. System must be rebooted for these changes to take effect... Reboot now? (yes/no) [yes]: YES
  8. Use the Landslide GUI, Test Server Admin window to ensure that you can see the ports of the installed NIC cards under the Ethernet tab. See Attached screen capture.


Product : Landslide