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How can I collect GPIB log for TASKIT/C2K, TestDrive-EVDO products


This method is advanced method to further determine the GPIB issues encontered by some of the TASKIT/C2K and TestDrive-EVDO functionalites, it can help you to determine the GPIB command issue either from calibration procedure or from test case perspective, the method is as below:

1, NI SPY is using by the old version of NI VISA driver, it is installed by default for Spirent Controller PC.

2, Before any of the test case start, you should go to All programs- National Instruments->NI SPY or NI I/O trace.

3, After you successfully lauched software, press start to capture GPIB log.

4, If the test will be running for a long time, please be sure in the configuration settings, the history line should be the maximum value to let this tool best stores all the logs.

5, Run the test and it start to logging GPIB log.

6, After the case is done, you just to stop the NI SPY/NI I/O trace.


Product : TestDrive EV-DO,TASKIT C2K,TestDrive EV-DO,TASKIT C2K