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Avalanche: Why is my test is running with 0 CPU idle time? What can I do to bring the idle time up?


When a test shows a 0 idle time, this means the test load is exceeding the card/chassis capacity.  The 0 idle time indicates the CPU is under heavy usage.


  • Reduce the load
  • Add more ports (more CPU)      
  • Disable client/server packet trace in Run | Configure.
  • Set statistics mode to Quick in Run | Configure.
  • Set statistic sampling interval(sec) to 300 in Run | Configure. 
  • Use load constraints
  • Add TCP inactivity timers on the Client and Server Network tab.
  • For HTTP tests use an abort timer Client | Profiles | HTTP: User (100% after 30 seconds)

Product : CPU,Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche