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Abacus: I am using Tcl Automation to run test on Abacus. What is the easiest way to generate test report?


There are two ways to generate test report with Tcl Automation. The first one is to use the ::aba::ApiReports API to configure, generate and download reports.  This method allows the users all the flexibility in setting the parameters and defining the sections that will be included in the report.  However, the price is that it is very tedious and complicated in the process, in particular in setting up the parameters and report sections using the XML format.

The second method is to pre-configure the report generation in the GUI and save it in the environment for the test.  This can be achieved in selecting the required reporting items at File --> Report Generation pane.  Make sure you have enabled the report generation at the end of the test (this can be done at the Advanced Report Settings --> Automatic Generation pane).  With that, a report will be automatically generated at the end of the test.  The report can be found at the Results / Report directory.  This method will save users from getting into the details of report generation using Tcl.

Product : Abacus,Voice,Automation