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Positioning Application: Why Does PosApp software turbo speed vary or run slower than expected?

  • PosApp
  • SimGEN

When in "No Hardware" mode [Options --> Control Options], PosApp enables you to fast forward scenario's whilst still logging any data that you wish to record for later use.  The speed of fastforward is controlled using a slider on the PosApp toolbar. 


You may find that the fast forward function varies in speed from scenario to scenario. The following factors will reduce the speed at which the scenario runs:-

  • The number of satellites being simulated
  • Iteration rate [Options --> General Options]. Faster iteration rates will cause a scenarios fast forward function to be reduced when compared to a scenario using a slower iteration rate
  • Bulk logging (either from the scenario tree or, [options --> bulk logging options] )
  • Dumping of nav data [options --> general options]


Product : SimGEN,PosApp