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Avalanche: How to upgrade or downgrade an Avalanche Appliance e.g. 290, 2900, 3100, C100?

  • Avalanche Commander
  • Applance Hardware: 290, 2900, 3100, 3100B, 3100-GT, C100, C100-GT
  • To upgrade / downgrade an Appliance chassis e.g. 290, 2900, 3100, C100, you will need the Avalanche Commander Application installed on your PC with network communication to the chassis. 
  • The Avalanche Commander is also called the Spirent TestCenter Layer4-7 Application (available at, sign-in, Downloads > Avalanche).  
  • Because the licenses are stored on the PC, you will need to reinstall your license file on the new application in Administration | Licenses.  Please contact Spirent Support with your chassis s/n and MAC to obtain a new license file.      
  • Once you have the application installed, proceed to the steps below. 
  • The upgrade takes 5-30 minutes depending on the hardware platform. 
  • For release version 3.80 and higher the 3100B and C100 take 30 minutes to reimage its AONIC 10G interfaces. 
  • It is important that you refer to the Release Notes to ensure the version supports the chassis before upgrading or downgrading.

1) Open the Avalanche Commander application.

2) Click Administration | Appliances.  

3.  Click Add Appliance and enter the chassis IP address. Then click Add

4.  The chassis IP address will appear under "My Equipment".  Please see picture below for references.     

 4.1 Click Software Upgrade to bring up the Upgrade Product and OS on Appliance window. 

 4.2  Click Add Upgrade Entry to bring up the Add Appliance Upgrade Information window.

 4.3 Select the chassis IP address from the pull-down menu.

 4.4 Click Browse for the Product Upgrade File.  The default directory is C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Spirent TestCenter X.XX\Layer 4-7 Application\TGZ.  Note: it is important to select the correct firmware directory that matches chassis platform being updated e.g. 290, 2900,3100, 3100B, C100.  Version 3.80 is being use for the upgrade/downgrade example.  If you upgrade/downgrade a different version, then select the version's firmware. Note the OS Upgrade File is not required.

 4.5 Click Add.

5.  Click Upgrade.

6.  Finish.

Important Information: 

The 3100B and C100 Appliances will finish its firmware upgrade before the AONIC 10G interface.  The GUI may say the upgrade is complete after approximately 5 minutes, but the process will take 30 minutes to complete.  Please do not reboot the 3100B or C100; doing so will damage to the AONIC 10G NICs.  Please allow at least 30 minutes until you proceed with any testing.

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