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Spirent TestCenter: How do I create Real-Time Charts or Graphs in Results Browser and Configure to Change or Extend Viewing and Duration Time Settings?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Real Time Charts or Graphs

1) How to obtain create Chart or Graph using GUI online Help.

From the Spirent TestCenter GUI top menu, choose Help -> Contents -> Test Results-> Viewing Results and in Results Browser -> Click on Create Chart View and you will open the Creating a New Results Chart View Page.

Creating a New Results Chart View

Specify chart contents and characteristics. A single chart can display up to 64 fields.

To create a new chart view:

  1. Click Change Result View and then select Create Chart View.

The Create New Result View Wizard is displayed.

    • Enter View Name step - Type a name for the customized view in the View name field and then designate a directory location in the Create in pane. Click New Folder to create a new folder. Click Next.
    • Define Series step - Click Object to choose a port, host, router, or results from the drop-down menu to view on the chart.

      Select one or more fields (series) corresponding to the object by clicking Fields to display the rates/counters drop-down menu. Click the Rates and/or the Counter checkbox(es) to view all available fields for the selected categories. Click + to view all fields under the top-level checkbox. Either click the individual checkboxes to select specific fields or click the top-level checkbox to select all subfields under the top-level field. Click in the bottom left corner to assign the selected fields (series) to the chart view.

      In the middle pane, select an associated port, host, router, or results for the fields. After you make this selection, the selected series will appear in the bottom pane. 

      Select the Use Multiple Axis checkbox to create a chart with more than one Y axis. Right-click the series grid to chose the Y-axis to plot the series on. Zooming is disabled for a multi-axis chart.

      Select a Logarithmic Base (BaseE, Base 2, or Base10) to create a logarithmic graph. Use Multiple Axis is not supported for logarithmic graphs.

  1. Click Finish when configuration is complete.


    • To view a list of protocol events, click the Show events button.
    • To highlight the selected series in the chart window, click the Highlight selected series button.
    • To get a closer view of your chart, click the Zoom in by drawing rectangle button.
    • To get a broader view of your chart, click the Zoom out button. You can set the maximum chart time and maximum viewable time period in the Real-time Charting window of the Tools > Options menu.
    • Click the Measure distance button  and then click and drag the cursor across the chart to create a rectangle on-screen. The X and Y axis measurements of the on-screen rectangle are displayed in the Chart measurement dialog box, where X is measured in seconds and Y is an absolute value.
    • To switch from a zoom or measure distance mode back to chart mode, click the Chart pointer button.
    • To pause the chart view, click the Pause button. Spirent TestCenter continues to collect chart data but will not display it until you resume the chart view.
    • To copy the chart view to the clipboard for pasting into another application, click the Copy to Clipboard button.
    • To save a snapshot of the chart view (real-time results chart or a high resolution sampling graph) to an image file, click the Save chart snapshot button.
    • To clear the chart, click the Clear Chart Results button.
    • To delete the selected series, click the Delete selected series button.
    • To customize the chart view, click the Customize View button to display the Customize Chart dialog box. Make any changes to the Object or Fields selections or the checkboxes in the middle pane. Click OK when done.
    • To access the customized chart view, click Change Result View and select it from the listed views.

Viewing Results in the Results Browser

Saving a Chart View or High Resolution Sampling Graph to the Clipboard or to an Image File

Disable Auto Grouping

2) How to Configure to Change or Extend Viewing and Duration Time Settings

Select this option to set maximum values for the run-time chart duration and the viewable time period.

NOTE: Application performance is affected by the charting settings. Expect degraded performance with high maximum settings.

Please refer to below screenshot

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