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What is the meaning/purpose of "Mobile Node De-registration"with checkbox selected and HA lifetime as 60 seconds in CSN Nodal test case? When it will get used in Landslide actions and how?”


For the checkbox of "Mobile Node De-registration", if select it, mobile node will send de-registration request (RRQ with lifetime=0) when session need to be detached (e.g. stop test session or go into pending time for session loading test). This parameter doesn’t relate to “HA Lifetime”.

If configure “HA Lifetime”= 60 seconds, mobile node will send the first RRQ with lifetime=60 seconds, so the HA will know that mobile node’s lifetime is 60 seconds. After session is attached, if mobile node doesn’t send re-registration request before 60 seconds, the session will be released automatically.

Product : Landslide,WiMAX,Landslide Client