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How do I query the state of a DMF in Landslide TCL, i.e. is it in paused or resume state?


There is no way to query the TS to get the answer, and the status in the TAS or Client/Tcl would only be based on the disposition of the last command (what the user can deduce). The user just needs to store the value. If the previous command didn’t go through, these are your choices:

1.       If the previous response was from the TS, then you should that the command didn’t work for some reason,  RETRY.

2.       If the previous response was a Timeout, you can only look at the Run Log to see if the TS reports any DMF updates, then based on that information either RETRY or not.


#2  (RunLogs) should be a solution, when you try to Pause/Resume via TCL, we would query the state of DMF from RunLogs.

For example:

ls::perform Update -TestSession $test ts0::tc0::Dmf_0::Paused=true

ls::get $test –Logs

log: 11/17 12:50:42.027:ts0(SUP76):p0(0):tc1: Pausing traffic for DMF 0

ls::perform Update -TestSession $test ts0::tc0::Dmf_0::Paused=false

ls::get $test –Logs

log: 11/17 12:52:00.745:ts0(SUP76):p0(0):tc0: Resuming traffic for DMF 0


Product : Landslide,DMF,Landslide Client