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How do I configure a session loading test activity with data on Landslide?



a.       First, it is strongly recommended that you configure a capacity test activity, run it and verify that the test results are as expected.
b.      Using the successful capacity test as a reference, you can then proceed to configuring the session loading test activity by configuring the session pending and hold times.
c.       When the test is running data traffic, the session pending time must allow for enough time to release the data resources before re-connecting the session. If the pending time is not long enough, the session will not be able to establish data traffic when it is re-connected.
d.      The session pending time should be at least twice the slowest data message flow (DMF) transaction rate plus .5 seconds. For example, it the DMF transaction rate is .1 (one transaction every 10 seconds), the session pending time should be at least 21 seconds.

Product : Landslide Client,Landslide