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How do I setup multiple eNodeBs when running the MME Nodal test against the emulated MME Node on Landslide?



a.       On the MME Nodal test case, Network Devices>eNodeB Control Node enter the request number of Nodes in the #of Nodes field.
b.      Ensure that the eNodeB User Node starting IP address does not intersect with the eNodeBs configured on the Control Node but start with the next available IP address if both the eNodeB Control and User Nodes are configured using the same Landslide interface. For example, if the eNodeB Control Node starting IP address is with #of Nodes 10, the eNodeB User Node IP address will start at
c.       On the MME node, Network Devices>MME S1 Node tab, configure the Num Peers field to match the # of eNodeBs on the MME Nodal test case in step a. For example, the Num Peers referring to step b will be 10 to match the MME Nodal eNodeB Control Node configuration.

Product : LTE,Landslide Client,Landslide,S1