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Abacus:- Problem in updating Phone Book Data using Tcl Automation: phone book is not overwritten when new data is loaded.


There can be many reasons causing a failure in configuring phone book using Tcl automation. Users need to be very familiar on the use of the APIs designed for the phone book. They are:-




Particular attention should be made in the use of the API ::aba::DatEPConfig4Set. The behavior of the object created by this API is such that every time a new data is loaded, it will be concatenated to the existing data. Hence users should create a new object every time if he /she wants to change the phone book before starting a new test.

If users would like to retain the same object in the next test, he / she should delete the object, and re-use the same object name.  Below is the itcl command to delete an existing object:-

itcl::delete object <object name>

Product : Abacus,Voice,Automation