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Avalanche: What can cause the Avalanche virtual to report a license error?

  • Avalanche Virtual
  • License server
  • Reboot the license server and the VM to clear any issues and services that could be down. 
  • When reserving a VM port make sure that you have set the port to 10G performance mode if you have a performance license or to 100M if you have a funcational license. 
  • Check the license files are in the correct directories on the license server. 
    • Copy the correct port license file (stv port) to the stv-licenses directory of the license controller
    • Copy the feature license file to the feature-license directory of the license controller. 
  • The Avalanche Virtual and the License Server use the following TCP ports:
    • 27000 - 27200 - The default ports used by the License Server for licensing
    • 32768 - 61000 - Ephemeral ports used by the VM's Linux kernel to communicate with License Server
    • 22 (ssh) - Used to SCP (secure copy) a file from the License Server to the VM
    • ARP
    • ICMP (VM periodically sends ICMP echo requests (Ping - ICMP message type 8) to the License Server to which it expects ICMP echo replies (ICMP message type 0))
    • 123 (NTP)
  • Check firewall settings - it must be configured to allow the TCP sessions initiated outgoing and allow incoming on the ports listed above. 
  • The Avalanche Virtual starts polling for license server for the feature license file after it's booted up.  
    • NOTE: The Avalanche virtual takes about 1 minute to boot up.  If it takes more than 10 minutes then it could not talk to the license server. 
    • You may be able to reserve the VM port; however the Avalanche Commander reports a license error message when starting a test.  
    • Check the lisense server is up and configured on the Avalanche VM.  Check for any down service and reboot license server to bring service up.   
  • Workaround if the Avalanche virtual is unable to poll the license server for license file.   Manually upload the feature license:
    • 1) Open the Spirent TestCenter application.  Then connect to the VM ports.
    • 2) Go to Tools | License Management and click Upload.   Then browse to select your feature license file.   


Product : STC Virtual,Avalanche