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Spirent TestCenter: Unable to install the Spirent TestCenter TCL automation execution file due to the Error “ The Spirent TestCenter Application or Spirent Conformance Application must be Installed”

  • Spirent TestCenter

When try to install the TestCenter TCL Automation.exe file the following error prevents the installation

 Possible Reason(s) and Resolution
1.       The Spirent Test center Application or Spirent Conformance Application may not be already installed
Please install one of the applications either Spirent TestCenter or Spirent Conformance Application before you install the Tcl Automation file
2.       TCL 8.4.13 for Spirent TestCenter Automation.exe file is unique for every releases, If you install a different  release version of TCL execution file, the above error prevents the installation.
Download from the same release version of TCL exe file and install
For Example  – If you have installed 3.90 Application, then download TCL execution from the same release.   

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Avalanche,L4-7,API,Spirent TestCenter