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Spirent TestCenter: Which Spirent TestCenter chassis will support the MX-100G-F2?

MODULE       SPT-2000A    SPT-2002A    SPT-2U    SPT-3U    SPT-9002A    SPT-11U
-----------  ---------    ---------    ------    ------    ---------    -------
NG-100G-F2      NO           YES        YES       YES         YES         YES
mX-100G-F1      NO           NO         YES       YES         YES         YES
mX-100G-F2      NO           NO         NO        YES         NO          YES
mX0-100G-F1     NO           NO         NO        YES         YES         YES

SPT-2U is the only 2U chassis to support the mX-100G-F1

Product : Spirent TestCenter,MX