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Some times unable to delete the Spirent TestCenter user created chart completely using “Change Result View -> Enable View -> Delete View” in the GUI



Problem Description
FAQ10299 explains how to delete the chart from the Spirent Test Center GUI.
However, sometimes accidently creates charts with wrong column(s). These malformed charts can be deleted from the “enable views” as suggested by FAQ. However, the Result Reporter still includes the deleted chart after saving the results.
 Sometimes, the chart is reanimated after exit and re-loads the configuration.
Strongly suggest using the FAQ10299  to delete the chart, however, please use the following steps to delete the chart where FAQ is not applicable
Requirement: Text editor which shows the line number. This would be very helpful to delete the chart configuration based on the line numbers.
Warning -  Please Save the original configuration  before you proceed to avoid any issues
1.       Save the .tcc configuration into .xml format
2.       Open the .xml configuration into the Text editor
3.       Search the name of the chart , that need to be deleted
4.       You may find the name of the chart “Name="Name of Chart">
5.       The Chart configured between the .xml lines Start with <ResultChartQuerySet id="xxxx" and end with </ResultChartQuerySet>
6.       Get the Line number of <ResultChartQuerySet id and </ResultChartQuerySet> for the chart name”Name of Chart”
7.       Delete the lines from <ResultChartQuerySet id to   </ResultChartQuerySet> inclusively
Example: Deleting the "Radio 1 TxRx" chart
1.       Search for the name "Radio 1 TxRx"
2.       Locate the <ResultChartQuerySet id="xxxx" above the “Name="Radio 1 TxRx">” and the line number



      3.       Locate the </ResultChartQuerySet> for the “Radio 1 TxRx” chart


      4.       Delete the lines from <ResultChartQuerySet id="1584" (9055)  to </ResultChartQuerySet> (9619)

      5.       Save the .xml file and open using Spirent TestCenter GUI. The Chart “Radio 1 TxRx” no longer there.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Windows GUI,Spirent TestCenter