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Spirent TestCenter application works however when I attempt to use Avalanche L4-7 on the same PC/chassis I get the error "Test Center connector not ready"


This is a general error and be caused by a number of issues:

Please check the following before opening a service request for further assistance:

- Verify you have the correct version of tcl installed for Avalanche (8.4.13) and that the path is set in the GUI under 'Tools' 'Preferences'
*This is required even if you will only be doing GUI testing with Avalanche without tcl.
TCL install is located under 'Downloads' 'Spirent TestCenter' once logged into 

- If the above is correct close out the GUI, use task manager to also kill any javaw and tclsh process running, reboot the chassis/modules and re-try once the system is back up.

- If the problem persists, please contact or open a service request via the web.

**For 3.90 users please ensure you have Avalanche build 3.90.2246 installed (not 3.90.2236 which has known issues running Avalanche on Spirent TestCenter)

Product : Spirent TestCenter