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Spirent TestCenter: Where do I find link status events on test ports?

  • The  port or All Ports link status indicator LED  can be red, amber, gray, or green.
    • A port that is in loopback mode is indicated by a green arrow that looks to be pointing back to its tail.
    • Red indicates a link fault occurred on the port. 
    • Amber indicates link on the port was broken by the user via the Break Link toolbar button or the L2Test: Break Link command in the Command Sequencer (L2TestBreakLinkCommand in Tcl).
    • Gray indicates the link is down.
    • Green indicates the link on the port is up. 
  • The All Ports link status LED indicates project level port link status. If any port is down, the LED is red.
  • The bll.log file will show the link up/down events.
  • Prior to 4.90
    • You can search for these phyStatuses.‚Äč
      • phyStatus(0)
        • = gray, link is down
      • phyStatus(1)
        • = green, good link
      • phyStatus(2)
        • = red, link fault 
  • 4.90 and later the phyStatus changed to more readable format as shown below. 
    • link status changed to Down (local fault)
      • = gray
      • seen with ports that has no transceiver
      • if an SFP fiber port, could be see with fiber disconnected or laser off
    • link status changed to Up
      • = green
    • link status changed to Error (local fault)
      • = red
      • transceiver installed but cannot get link
        • if an SFP fiber port, this is with fiber connected and laser on
          • different from link down status (gray)
    • link status changed to Admin Down (local fault)
      • = amber
      • seen on the port that initiated a break link

Product : Spirent TestCenter