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Positioning: What is SimPLEX software?


SimPLEX is the software that is used to operate the STR4500 multi-channel L1 C/A GPS/SBAS signal generator. The comprehensive nature of the STR4500 and SimPLEX ensures that user equipment under test behaves as if it were receiving RF signals from real satellites when installed on a vehicle performing complex and/or high speed manoeuvres. 

Unlike SimGEN, SimPLEX is replay only; scenarios can not be created with SimPLEX software they can only be replayed.

SimPLEX software is now obsolete and has been replaced with SimREPLAY.
The STR4500 multi-channel Simulator is also obsolete and has been replaced by the GS6700 or GSS7000 Simulators.

Product : Positioning,SimPLEX,GPS