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How do I randomize Avalanche HTTP requests from a list of possible URIs?


Create a Forms DB file with each URI needed for the test:

New Forms DB file named 'Form_0001' in this example
- Enable only auto increment

Contents will look as follows:

Next assign these values to a variable in the Client/Action list and apply to the GET request as follows:

ASSIGN VARIABLE <myvar1 Form_0001.$1>
#Assigns new value to 'myvar1' from Form_0001 column 1 for each new user.
1 GET http://<APPLY myvar1>
#Applies current myvar1 value to the request

This example will result in each SimUser requesting a different URI from the formsDB file, each user will increment the value, repeating back to the top of the FormsDB file after running through all the lines.

Product : L4-7,App Testing,HTTP