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Abacus: Is it possible for Abacus SIP end point working as a terminating UA, to provide a 4XX response?


The simple answer to this question is NO.  Abacus is by design a bulk call generator.  It will respond to incoming call request based on the call status at the time the request (an INVITE message) is received.  It is not a SIP protocol tester whereby users can configure and provide the intended response freely.

Having said that, Abacus does support a feature called "Configurable SIP".  This feature will allow users to add and change the SIP messages / response.  However, the change is very limited and is only at "message" level.  What this means is that the internal call and test status is NOT changed as a result of these changes.  Furthermore, a change in the message / response will likely have an impact on the recipient of the message / response.  For example, if users remove certain mandatory headers from the message / response, the receiving side may not have enough information to further process the call, resulting in a call failure.  With that, users must be very conversant with the SIP signaling protocol and is stronger advised to give due consideration before making the change.

Product : Abacus,SIP