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Spirent TestCenter: How to copy streamblocks between SpirentTestCenter configurations?

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 Copy streamblock(s) from one Spirent TestCenter configuration to another Spirent TestCenter configuration is not supported. However, user able to copy and paste streamblock(s) within a TestCenter configuration

 Suggestion/Workaround -

Copying streamblock(s) from Spirent TestCenter configuration A to Configuration B is not supported. However, if a user wants to have same streamblock(s) on another configuration then the user may able to use the capture replay feature.

Example -> if a user wants to copy Streamblock(s) from configuration A to B.

Configuration A has Two streamblocks under a port and the Streamblocks need to be copied

1.       Select the “Traffic Generator” under the port

2.       Set Duration Mode to “Bursts” and set the ” Burst(s)” to 2

This will generate two streamblocks, one from each streamblocks since the port generator has two streamblocks configured based on the example

3.       Apply and start the capture on a receiving port

4.       Start Traffic on the Port

5.       Save and name the capture file

6.       Open the Configuration B where the streamblocks need to be copied


7.       Select the “Traffic Generator”  under a port

8.       Click Generate Streamblock from Pcap files

9.       The Streamblocks from the pcap file will be generated

Tools Requirement for capture replay

     Make sure the system installed with

1.       Wireshark

2.       TCL

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Windows GUI