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Spirent TestCenter : What is the standard boot time and in what conditions it may vary?

  • Spirent TestCenter

1.    The time taken for the boot:
    The more modules you have in the chassis the longer it takes. 
    The exact time cannot be stated since it also depends on the type of module you have.

  •     A base level of approximately 4 minutes is taken for 3.90 software.
  •     Some additional time is taken for each module in the chassis
  •     Some modules boot in 3 minutes, others in about 6-7minutes. There is parallelism, but modules will boot slower when in a fully populated chassis
  •     However, a very cautious level of 15 minutes should be adequate

2.    The Boot time may vary when there is a file system check.
    It will be scheduled on one of the following conditions:

  •     After an ungraceful shutdown such as a power interruption
  •     Approximately every 21 boots
  •     If the operating system senses errors in the file system when booting.

    When the system is going through the file system check you will see messages similar to the following on the console port (9-way D-type connector the back of the chassis) :


    These messages comes from the controller waiting for the disk to complete file system check and boot.
    The messages on the screen will repeat until the process is complete.

3.    The time taken in an upgrade:
    The first reboot of an entire chassis should take between 10 minutes if there are no cards, to about 30 minutes if the chassis is full.

Product : Spirent TestCenter