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Why need to click “DUT Automation” button in Spirent Testcenter CTS when using IUT automation feature?


1. When “Sync with DUT” button is enable, then click “DUT Automation” button will just disable “Sync with DUT” button.

2. When “Sync with DUT” button is disable, then click “DUT Automation” button will:
    1) Enable “Sync with DUT” button;
    2) Parse current IUT automation xml file to generate a TCL file, then this TCL file will be sourced into CTS. CTS will use this TCL file to execute Configuration command and UserAction command. By default, this TCL file will be saved at:  …\Documents\Spirent\TestCenter Conformance Application x.xx\IutAutomation .
Note: every time when load a new template or save the changes to current template, you need to click the “DUT Automation” to trigger the Tcl file generation process, or you will still use an old tcl file to run commands

Product : Conformance,Conformance Test,Spirent TestCenter