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What is the PosApp (SimGEN) Satellite Selection method used for?


The selection is made from the scenario tree under the constellation file. The following example shows this for GPS. Select [GPS constellation-->GPS signal sources file-->Satellite selection]

When there are more satellites visible than your signal generator can simulate, you can choose one of three Selection method algorithms to select the satellites your signal generator will simulate:

  • DOP (Dilution of Precision, where the smaller the DOP value, the better the navigation solution), 
  • Power level where SimGEN will choose the satellites that have the highest signal level at the receiver. 
  • Range where SimGEN will select the satellites that are closer to the receiver in terms of distance
​You can also select the Sampling interval to set the interval between satellite selections; see SOL10195 for further details.

Please refer to the SimGEN user manual, DGP00686AAA, for further descriptions and information about the satellite selection control. In addition SOL10131 provides a more detailed definition of what "DOP" is and SOL10137 explains how PosApp determines the simulated power level.

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