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Unable to load the Avalanche Automation package due to the Error "can't read "env(LD_LIBRARY_PATH)": no such variable"?


           Error Detail:     

% set auto_path [linsert $auto_path 0 "/opt/Layer_4_7_Auto_Linux_3.90/Layer_4_7_Application_Linux/TclAPI"]

/opt/Layer_4_7_Auto_Linux_3.90/Layer_4_7_Application_Linux/TclAPI /opt/ActiveTcl8_4_13/lib/tcl8.4 /opt/ActiveTcl8_4_13/lib /o

pt/ActiveTcl8_4_13/lib/tklib0.4 /opt/ActiveTcl8_4_13/lib/tcllib1.8

%  package require SPI_AV

can't read "env(LD_LIBRARY_PATH)": no such variable


           Possible Reason and Resolution     

            This means the Environmental variable is not setup with the Avalanche installation Path.

This can be set

a.       At run time:  in the Linux window


export  SPIRET_TCLAPI_ROOT=/opt/Layer_4_7_Auto_Linux_3.90/Layer_4_7_Application_Linux/TclAPI

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/Layer_4_7_Auto_Linux_3.90/Layer_4_7_Application_Linux/STC



b.      .bash_profile file can be edited to  set the environment variable and please refer FAQ11680 for details



Product : Appliance,Avalanche,L4-7,Automation,Spirent TestCenter