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Why don't I see the unsuccessful count increase when I have failed MATCH criteria in my Avalanche configuration?


The Avalanche MATCH and MATCH NOT features have separate counters 'match successful' and 'match unsuccessful' that should be referenced when a test case is doing content validation for the 'true' success count.

Goal Example: Test for successful webpage login, successful defined as seeing the string 'Welcome' in the server response body.

Avalanche will send an HTTP request to the server which always responds with an HTTP 200 'ok', as this is a successful HTTP status code the Avalanche main successful counter will increment by 1.
In this case the server will respond with a body string of 'Welcome' for a successful login and 'Login Failure' string for a failed login (both still http 200 'ok' status codes). The match is used searching for the 'Welcome' string, if this is not found the 'match unsuccessful' counter will increment by 1.

For accurate 'successful' results please reference the total number of match successful counters in the summary.csv result file(s).


Product : Avalanche,L4-7,App Testing,HTTP