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Spirent TestCenter: Why Rx Counts are not incrementing and RX port names & Aggregated RX Port count columns are greyed out in the Spirent TestCenter Detailed Stream results?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • RX port names & Aggregated RX Port Count columns are greyed out, you may see the Warning message as follows:
    • "Warning" : Other  Skipping subscribe for resulttype: rxstreamsummaryresults. invalid subscribe: when analyzer filter is not on Spirent signature or on something additional to Spirent signature
  • An Analyzer Filter may have been enabled on one of the Analyzer ports
  • When analyzer filter enabled, RX related counts will not be supported in Detail Stream Results and Filtered Stream Results should be used to check the RX related counts.
  • If you do not intend to filter, check all the Analyzer ports and remove the filters except for the 32 Bit Filter over StreamID which must be checked.


Product : Spirent TestCenter,L2-3,Spirent TestCenter