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Spirent TestCenter: How do I recover a Spirent TestCenter chassis or isolate the root cause of problem when the chassis is not functioning, will not boot, has a red LED, error or alarm status or continuously beeps, or is unreachable due to unknown or unexpected cause?


Try the following actions to try resolving or isolating the root cause of the problem.

  1. First power down the chassis, turn off the DC power by withdrawing the black button on front of chassis.
  2. When the front is shut down, power down on the back of the chassis by turning off the switch and/or removing the power cords (AC power switch or cord).
  3. Reseat the Controller, Power Supplies, and Fan Tray.
  4. Remove the line cards (test Modules) but do not reinsert the line cards into the slots.
  5. Power up in reverse order: power up on the back first by turning on the switch and/or plugging in the power cords.
  6. Next, turn on the DC power by inserting the black button on the front of the chassis.
  7. Wait up to one hour, if required, for power up to be completed.
  8. Verify green lights and connectivity to the chassis.
  9. When powered-up successfully, re-insert the first line card.
  10. Continue inserting one card at a time, waiting for each to fully initialize before inserting the next.
  11. It may be useful to observe the following information using the TestCenter Application after the chassis boots up and after each card boots up: GUI – Tools -> Equipment Information ->Diagnostic -> Equipment -> (Chassis IP) -> Temperature, Power Supply Status, and Fan Status


If you're signed in to the CSC, you can access the Spirent TestCenter Hardware Reference for further details.