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8100 Radio Access Testing - Data Throughput test pack: How do I create a custom wce fading file for an A304 or A604 platform?


For the A304 or A604 platform, you cannot create a brand new custom wce file from the ground up. You will need to open an existing wce file as used by the Data Throughput Test Pack.

Follow the instruction below:

1. start the SR5500 Testkit

2. Click on 'File' -> 'Open settings file'

3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Test Manager\Modules\UMTS Data Performance\Channel Configuration Files and open the 'Static Environment304.wce'

4. Customize any settings (e.g. doppler velocity, modulation, delay value, relative path loss, number of paths etc...)

5. Save the file as e.g. custom304.wce (it is important to append the number 304 to the file

6. Close Test Kit

7. Navigate to the folder where you saved your custom file and create a copy of your custom304.wce file. Name the copy as custom.wce file.

8. In the Data Throughput Test Pack test case, set 'fading' to 'true' and choose custom.wce as you desired fading profile

9. The test case will automatically append '304 to the wce file name. In the above example, it will append 304 to custom.wce to obtain custom304.wce and start looking for custom304.wce in the indicated path

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