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8100 Radio Access: - Data Throughput & Development Library: I get an error 'UE IP address not assigned' when trying to setup PS-calls using NIC (Network Interface Card) (Part I)


It is recommended that you use 'internet Connection Sharing' (ICS) instead of NIC for all RNDIS based tethering.

However in order to debug the NIC mode, please read below:


1. Go to your results folder and from there to your test cases' sub folder (000x) (e.g. Result folder 2012 05 09 1400, sub folder 0001 Test Case (...))

2. Open the Spirent Data Client Remote.log file

3. Verify that the UE's RNDIS (NIC) interface is listed in the interfaces list portion of the route print output (below example for a Motorola Atrix device):

Route Table:
[04/19/12 11:33:13.796]: ===========================================================================
[04/19/12 11:33:13.796]: Interface List
[04/19/12 11:33:13.796]: 0x1 ........................... MS TCP Loopback interface
[04/19/12 11:33:13.796]: 0x2 ...00 21 70 bd 3c 96 ...... Intel(R) 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection - Packet Scheduler Miniport
[04/19/12 11:33:13.796]: 0x10004 ...96 d3 42 cf 5e 15 ...... Motorola USB RNDIS Device - Packet Scheduler Miniport
[04/19/12 11:33:13.796]: ===========================================================================

4. Verify that at some point in the log, you can see no more and no less than two routes with Network destination Windows adds for each interface (including the Laptop's LAN interface) a route into the routing table. The destination with interface is the Laptop's Lan interface. The other destination should list the UE's RNDIS interface. The UE must assign an Interface IP address and an IP Gateway address to the RNDIS adapter:

11:37:05.500]: Active Routes:
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]: Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway                  Interface  Metric
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]:                      20
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]:                     10

[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]:   20

[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]:   10
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]:   10
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]: Default Gateway:
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]: ===========================================================================
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]: Persistent Routes:
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]:   None
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]:
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]: Shell: Network Interface Card (NIC) Gateway =
[04/19/12 11:37:05.500]: Shell: Network Interface Card (NIC) UE IP Address =

5. If no route for the RNDIS adapter is present in the routing table, the Spirent Data Client will not be able to find the UE IP address. It is possible that the UE assigned only an IP address without a Gateway IP. This usually happens for Android devices where Internet tethering is not checked / enabled

6. Verify in the the RNDIS' local Area connection status that the RNDIS local area connection got assigned an IP address and an IP gateway address by the UE

7. If possible, consult the UE manufacturer to learn how to configure the RNDIS on the UE to assign an IP address  / IP Gateway pair.

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