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Spirent TestCeneter: Unable to affiliate a streamblock to streamblockloadprofile using Spirent TestCenter Perl API due to an error?

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 Error Detail:

RuntimeError in $stc->create(): Unable to remove related object streamblockloadprofile2: Unable to remove StreamBlockLoadProfile 2 from StreamBlock 1 due to min relation constraint limit : 1
The Script may have missing “IsLoadingFromConfiguration”, add the following just after “my $stc = new StcPerl;”
$stc->config( 'system1', IsLoadingFromConfiguration=>"true" );
TCL script may report the same error if the “IsLoadingFromConfiguration” is missing in the script.
Add the following just after “package require SpirentTestCenter”
stc::config system1 -IsLoadingFromConfiguration "true"

Product : L2-3,Automation,API,Spirent TestCenter