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How can I determine which one of my associations is causing errors in my Avalanche configuration?


When running many associations, if it often difficult to determine which of the associations may be having failures.  The suggested course of action is to run a validate test in the Avalanche Commander GUI ( green arrow with the check mark in it.) This will run through the associations and associated action lists once. (Note: If no failures appear in the validate test, you will need to run the full test.)

Once you have the results from that test the following steps will help isolate where the problem lies:

 - open the client summary report. 

 - expand the left hand column

- expand either the Interfaces or User Profiles subfolders completely

- highlight one of the associated Interface or Profile name and note the three tabs in the right hand window.

- by looking at the graph tab you will be able to determine which of the Interfaces or Profiles had errors.

- once you've isolated the interface or profile with issues, go to the statistics tab where you can see a list of actions and determine which actions failed.

- having determined the action having issues, you can now enable only those associations with issues in the test configuration and start troubleshooting the config.

Product : Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche