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What is EIP Out of range error seen from Putty log of E2010S


 The warning “EIP Out of range” is shown during registration. In that process, AGC is activated so that the unit is able to follow the TX UE power changes accordingly but PHY layer is not measuring the expected power. Therefore, AGC is decreaising EIP value till it reaches lowest limit and the warning is printed. 

There could be two possible reasons:

1.    UE sends RRCConenectionRequest, we send RRCConnectionSetup but not receive RRCConnectionSetupComplete because:

a.    ConnectionSetup received by UE is not the expected one so that it doesn’t send back ConnectionSetupComplete.

b.    UE sends SetupComplete but with very low power.

2.    We receive RRCConnectionSetupComplete but there could be a mismatch in the content of some field. Then, the connection is dropped and restablished, but in that point the UE remains sending ConnectionRequests messages (AGC has already set EIP value out of range).

So it could be related to a wrong configuration of the following PICS/PIXIT

-       IPv4/IPv6

-       Attach type: EPS or combined.

Product : IRAT,Data throughput,LTE,LTE Test System,Dev Library,Radio Access